Millions of flavors to discover

The gastronomy prepared in Valencia is characterized by the use of olive oil, vegetables or fish, but, above all, by the use of rice. A cereal used in many dishes and, especially, in the best known worldwide: the paella.

It is a dry rice stew, cooked in a paella (a shallow metal pan with handles) made on the fire. There are many recipes for paella, but the most popular ones are those made up of rice, chicken and rabbit, green beans and garrofon. It is followed by seafood and mixed (consisting of meat and fish).

Very close to Original Domino House you can find a lot of restaurants and food houses, for example in the area of Malvarrosa Beach, to taste the most typical and international Valencian gastronomy. Also the Albufera area is a very good option.

Other typical dishes in Valencia with a lot of acceptance are

  • Baked rice. It is not as famous as paella but it also deserves a place in the gastronomic top. Prepared in an earthenware casserole, its main ingredients are chickpeas, and various products from pork.
  • Alioli. A typical Valencian starter made with garlic and oil, which, well crushed, manages to be a thick mass similar to mayonnaise, but much more tasty. The best tapa to share!
  • Esgarraet. A dish made up of roast peppers, cod, garlic and olive oil. In some cases it is accompanied by hard-boiled egg. It is eaten all year round, but especially at Easter as it does not contain meat. Indispensable!


Valencian pastries also have famous sweets that are known beyond our borders. The famous pumpkin fritters, which are eaten all year round but especially during the Fallas, coca de llanda, sweet potato cakes, or the traditional “fruits of Sant Dionis“.

On the other hand, some Valencian sweets have a notable Muslim influence due to the use of almonds and honey, such as Arnadí (a cake made from pumpkin and almond), rosegones or les orelletes.

We cannot close this chapter without mentioning the fartons, which are usually accompanied by the horchata, a traditional Valencian drink made of water, sugar and tigernuts.

Finally, Agua de Valencia, the most famous cocktail made with orange juice, cava and other liqueurs, and mistela -a Valencian wine made from the grape variety called Moscatel- complete the list of the most traditional alcoholic drink.