The narrowest facade in Europe

If you are on holiday in Valencia you cannot miss the narrowest facade in Europe. Located in the Carmen District, this building is of great tourist interest because the width of the house is only 107 centimetres.

It has 5 floors and still has the original floor. During the week, guided tours are organised to gain access to the building. The current owner says that the daughter of the last tenants had to dress up as a fallera outside the building because she couldn’t go out. The reason why it is so narrow is because in the past it was paid for every metre that was built and the family who built it was poor.

After visiting this amazing tourist attraction, you can relax with a snack in the Tasquita Estrecha, which is located next to the house. Also, due to its location, it is advisable to lose yourself in the narrow streets of the Carmen District or visit the shops in the surrounding area.

To get to this house from the Original Domino House Hotel, just take the bus line 4 and it will drop you off a minute’s walk away.